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Learn to Skate Classes

Class Days & Times


2024 Summer Session

Class Days & Times


5:30pm-6pm – (Adult 1-2, Snowplow 1-4 & Basic 1 & 2 )

6pm – 6:30pm – (Basic 3-6, PFS, FS1-6, AD 3+ & Skate To Play Hockey)


9:30am – 10:00am – (Adult 1-2, Snowplow 1-4 & Basic 1 & 2 )

10:00am -10:30am – (Basic 3-6, PFS, FS1-6, AD 3+ & Skate To Play Hockey)

10:45am – 11:30am – Steel Ice Academy


Summer Session 2024

Fridays : 6/14 – 7/26/2024    OFF 7/5

Saturdays : 6/15 – 7/27/2024   OFF 7/6

Summer Session 2024 Programming Brochure

Learn to Skate Summer Session 2024

To register either call, come in or register online.

Links below to register online for the Summer 2024 Session : 

Friday 5:30pm – Adult 1-2, Snowplow 1-4 & Basic 1 & 2

Friday 6pm – Basic 3-6, PFS, FS1-6, AD 3+ & Skate To Play Hockey

Saturday 9:30am – Adult 1-2, Snowplow 1-4 & Basic 1 & 2

Saturday 10am – Basic 3-6, PFS, FS1-6, AD 3+ & Skate To Play Hockey

Saturday 10:45am – Steel Ice Academy


Yearly registration fee for the July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 using the below link :

Yearly Registration for 2024-2025 Season

Program Information

* Yearly registration fee $20 for Learn to Skate USA.

* 6-Week Session – $ 135 – $10 discount if registered and paid the Wednesday

before the session starts.

* Half-hour lesson

* Skate rental on lesson day.

* 10 Public Skating Session Admissions – (Skate Rental included) For use during the session the skater is registered for so the skater can practice.

* Any Make up lessons Must be completed in the same session. No credit for missed classes.

* Applications accepted by phone, mail, online or walk in.

* Pre-registration is preferred.

* Any further questions please contact Angela at

610-625-4774 ext 226 or [email protected]

* No Cash Refunds, Rink Credit will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should we wear to the *Learn to Skate*?

A: You should be dressed in warm loose clothing that will not restrict movement, thin layers are best. Gloves or mittens are also suggested. Helmets are also strongly suggested.

Q: What time should we arrive?

A: It is a good idea to arrive 20 -30 minutes before class begins to get checked in and ready.

Q: Will skates be provided?

A: Rental skates are included in the class fee.

Q: Will Helmets be provided?

A: Helmets will not be provided but are highly recommended.

Q: What kind of skates should be worn?

A: Either hockey or figure skates are acceptable. No double bladed skates. We suggest that you start in figure skates.

Q: How will I know if the class is canceled?

A: The classes are rarely canceled. However, if needed, it will be posted on our website and on the voicemail at 610-625-4774 ext. 226.

We hope this answers any questions you may have had, but if you have others feel free to call or email and we will gladly help