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2023 Jack O Lantern Open

Saturday November 4, 2023

7am – 8pm (Subject to change)

Sanctioned by Learn to Skate USA  –  Approval # 33841

Use Link Below For Announcement: 2023 Jack O Lantern Open

Link to register:  http://comp.entryeeze.com/Home.aspx?cid=506

Questions please contact Angela at aroesch@ptd.net or steelicecenter@gmail.com

Events Offered

Program requirements for the events listed below can be found HERE

This event is utilizing the following requirements: September 1-December 31, 2023

Snowplow Sam-Basic 6 Program w/ Music 6.0
Pre-Free Skate–Free Skate 1-6 Program w/ Music 6.0
Excel Free Skate (Beg. Preliminary Plus) 6.0
No Test Preliminary Free Skate 6.0
Adult 1-6 Program w/ Music 6.0
Adult Free Skate (Beg. Bronze) 6.0
Snowplow Sam Basic 6 Elements 6.0
Pre-Free Skate–Free Skate 1-6 Compulsory Moves 6.0
Excel Compulsory Moves (Beg. Excel Preliminary) 6.0
Adult 1-6, Beginner Bronze Compulsory Moves 6.0
Compete USA Spin Challenge 6.0
Compete USA Jump Challenge 6.0
Compete USA Showcase 6.0
Compete USA Solo Dance 6.0

Places to stay:

Hotel Bethlehem

Hyatt Place

Holiday Inn & Suites