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Summer Off Ice Training Programs

Summer 2023

Off Ice Training for Figure Skaters

Summer Off Ice Training Classes will be offered daily 6/19-8/25/2023.
At The Steel Ice Center , we offer specialized off-ice programs to assist our
figure skaters in reaching their full athletic potential. These programs will help the skater enhance what they have accomplished and reach new goals in their skating.

Below is a list of the classes offered:
Off-Ice Jump Class
This class will assist skaters to develop strong jumping skills through vertical lift, rotation, and technique exercises. Skaters will also work on landing positions, proper body alignment in all aspects of the jump, strengthening air position and building faster rotation. This class will be taught by Steel Ice Center Staff coaches.
Mondays 1pm-2pm
Fridays 1pm-2pm
Off Ice Training
This class will be instructed by KSP fitness instructors Brian Herbold and Kyle Shannon on Thursdays and on Tuesdays will be instructed by SIC Staff. This class is designed to assist the skater achieve overall fitness, balance, injury prevention skills and to propel your skater to their most athletic self. In this class skaters will work on strength, agility and endurance.
Tuesdays 1pm-2pm – SIC Staff
Thursdays 1pm-2pm – KSP

Yoga for Skaters
This program is designed to focus on the postural alignment in skating moves while incorporating breathing techniques and stress management for competitions, tests and shows. This program will include care of
muscles assisting with growth spots, soreness and fatigue associated with training and protection from injury. Skaters will gain the knowledge that can be utilized on and off the ice.

Wednesdays 1pm-2pm

Our qualified instructors provide the best instruction to help your skater achieve their goals!

Programming Information

Register online by clicking link below each class or unlimited or register in person or over the phone.
Mondays – 1p-2p – Off Ice Jump Class
6/19 – 8/21/2023  Off 7/3/2023
$90 for 9 weeks
$12 walk in per class

Monday Jump Class Registration

Tuesdays – 1p-2p – Off Ice Training
6/20 – 8/22/2023  Off 7/4/2023
$117 for 9 weeks
$15 walk in per class

Tuesday Off Ice Training Registration

Wednesdays – 1p-2p – Yoga
6/21 – 8/23/2023
$100 for 10 weeks
$12 walk in per class

Wednesday Yoga Class Registration

Thursday – 1p-2p – Off Ice Training
6/22 – 8/24/2023
$130 for 10 weeks
$15 walk in per class

Thursday Off Ice Training Registration

Friday – 1p-2p – Off Ice Jump Class
6/23 – 8/25/2023
$100 for 10 weeks
$12 walk in per class

Friday Off Ice Jump Class Registration

Unlimited off ice classes for the Summer of 2023 – $475

Unlimited Summer Off Ice Registration

Any questions please contact Angela @ 610-625-4774 ext. 226 or aroesch@ptd.net

Summer Off Ice Brochure

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