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Steel Ice Center Updates

September 23, 2014 – As of today  the wall mounted air quality monitors in the East and West rinks are hard wired. _____________________________________________________________________________________

September 19, 2014 –  On Wednesday September 17, 2014 the Carbon monoxide levels rose during the scheduled resurface at 7:30pm and the wall unit alarm went off even though the number was still below the 35ppm the city allows.  The levels were between 0 and 4 the entire day in both rinks prior to the 7:30pm resurface when the Zamboni malfunctioned. The maintenance crew made the decision to discontinue use of the West Zamboni and unplugged the wall monitor to try to reset it and turned the dehumidifier on high to ventilate the building.   When the maintenance staff plugged the monitor back in it went off again and the level was  slightly higher than the 35ppm but less than OSHA’s 50ppm, the staff promptly reacted; management was contacted and the rink was cleared of all people, and the rink doors were opened and the fans were turned on as per our protocol for when the levels reach over 20 ppm.  The staff then also re-checked the East rink to ensure that the levels on that side were still at an acceptable level and they were.   Once the West rink was cleared and levels were in the acceptable range events resumed on the West Rink.   Resurfix was previously scheduled to come service both Zambonis on Thursday September 18, 2014 and in addition were be made aware of the occurrence Wednesday evening.  The West Zamboni will not be put back into service until it is cleared by Resurfix and levels are tested and within the acceptable range.   The Steel Ice Center will continue to monitor the Carbon Monoxide levels with the wall mounted unit as well as the hand held unit to ensure the levels are at an appropriate level.   The Staff was made aware that the monitors are not to be unplugged at any time and signs have been posted by both monitors.    The safety of our customers and staff remain our top priority.


March 13, 2014

Update: The East Zamboni  returned this past weekend after having a complete overhaul at our Zamboni repair vendor and is now back in circulation after several test runs with clear readings.   Also we will continue to monitor the Air Quality in each of the rinks before, during and after each resurface.


Friday, February 21, 2014

UPDATE:  We have been using our new hand held carbon monoxide detector for the past two weeks, with readings during each resurfacing, every day – the vast majority of readings are 0 with the highest single reading being a 6 (far below the Bethlehem Fire Department requirements).  We are expecting the East Zamboni to be picked up next week by our contracted Zamboni repair company for a complete overhaul at their facility.  We are also receiving proposals and prices for CO monitoring of areas throughout the whole rink complex.  These units need to be vandal proof,  industrial quality, rated for low temperatures/high humidity areas and will necessitate significant additions to the building wiring.

Thursday February 6, 2014

Update:  Our Carbon Monoxide  Detector has arrived today and our staff is currently being trained.  We are operating our monitor in conjunction with the Bethlehem Fire Department to confirm our readings are correct.  We purchased the same brand monitor carried on the Bethlehem Fire Department trucks.  Also, we have installed an exhaust fan in the Zamboni room and it is functioning.

Wednesday February 5th, 2014
The Bethlehem Fire Department has been with us for every ice cut since Saturday and will remain with us until our own Carbon Monoxide detector arrives. Tuesday January 4, 2014 the east Zamboni was cleared by a recommended company. We utilized the east Zamboni for the 2:30 cut and the Fire Department registered one reading of 30 and as we have set in place the rink was not cleared until it the reading was a 0 reading. The readings for the remainder of the day and night were 0. The East Zamboni was then placed back in quarantine and another company has been called to come service it. This policy has been set in place as the safety of our customers and employees is our priority.
Saturday February 1st, 2014
All is running smoothly today Two Ice Resurfaces and all zero readings thus far. All clear from BFD, they will be here with us until 11pm today an each day until our monitor arrives. Thank you to the BFD for assisting us and to all of our patrons for their patience during this transitional time. Your concerns are also ours and we are taking extra precautionary measure to ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you.
Friday 1/31/2014 8:50pm

Further details of today’s events: Representatives from the City of Bethlehem Fire Department were at the Steel Ice Center late this morning, unscheduled and unannounced, and their monitor checks read that we were perfectly safe. In addition An Inspector from OSHA was at The Steel Ice Center this afternoon with the government issued carbon monoxide monitor and took several readings on the ice as the Zamboni drove around him and he registered multiple zero readings according to his report to us.

Friday 1/31/2014 4:30pm
To All Our Loyal Patrons:
We want to update you on our ongoing efforts to provide a safe environment for all patrons, since the January 11, 2014 incident.  They are as follows:
1.  As implemented immediately after the incident on January 11, during every ice cut, doors will be opened and fans will be set up to assist with ventilation of the area until a permanent solution can be implemented.  This a precautionary step to insure that the air quality remains at acceptable levels, but one that we feel will benefit our facility and our patrons.
2.  We are purchasing an appropriate Carbon monoxide detector that is suitable for our environment.
3.  We will continue to have a third party in the rink monitoring air quality until our meter arrives.
4.   We will have all natural gas and propane equipment in the building evaluated.
5.  We will be contacting an air quality specialist who specializes in the ice rink industry for an evaluation.
6.  We have expanded our on-going maintenance contract of our Zambonis  and will inquire about upgrades to our existing machines.
7.  Our goal is to develop and implement a permanent fix. The first step of increased ventilation is in progress now. Further steps will be taken as determined by our consultants.
We want to express to all of you that we are equally concerned about maintaining a safe environment at the Steel Ice Center for all of our patrons and employees.  We would also like to add that all employees have been reminded of the protocol that they are to follow if another situation arises.  We will continue to update you as we have further information on our progress. The Bethlehem Fire Dept. has cleared us for a full schedule of activities. Thank you for your patience and input during this difficult time.  Any questions, please contact Clyde Smoll at 610/625-4774 ext, 0